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Ibec Academy is proud to be a strategic partner with TU Dublin since 2008, in the design and accreditation of our range of programmes in areas such as employment law, human resource management, leadership, management,  mediation, coaching, and industrial relations. We believe our relationship represents all that is good in collaborative education where industry and educational colleges work together to develop a pragmatic education in support of career and organisational development. Ibec Academy and TU Dublin are committed to building this strong educational relationship in the years ahead, and look forward to strengthening it into the future with additional programmes and awards.

About TU Dublin

Technological University Dublin is Ireland’s first Technological University, offering a unique range of programmes and disciplines, with pathways to graduation from foundation and apprenticeship to undergraduate and doctoral levels. The university was formed by the amalgamation of three existing institutes of technology in the Dublin area and is the second-largest third-level institution in Ireland with over 28,500 students and researchers. TU Dublin is where career-focused students, dedicated staff and academic excellence in science, the arts, business, engineering and technology converge to create the leaders of tomorrow.

Our vision for collaborative training

TU Dublin's ambitious vision is to create a better world together by fostering a solution-oriented capability amongst our people, encouraging them to find rapid resolutions to the global challenges that lie ahead. Together with Ibec Academy, we support management and leadership development through the practical skills and and knowledge taught on all of our programmes. The model of education will evolve and change, nurturing bright minds, providing many new pathways for people, encouraging excellence and celebrating the achievements of all the people who make up the TU Dublin family.

We believe that our partnership represents all that is good in collaborative education where industry and educational colleges work together to develop a pragmatic education in support of career and organisational development. Ibec Academy are committed to the building of more industry focused, accredited programmes and will continue to support the growth of our educational programmes together with TU Dublin.

It has been an interesting / eventful 12 years during which time Ibec Academy have worked to develop and provide high quality programmes geared to the needs of industry. This has been in a period in which we have seen major financial recession, the disruption of the protracted BREXIT process and now a worldwide pandemic, all of which just confirms the dynamic nature of the environment in which organisations and people have to continually learn to cope and adapt, through the acquisition of appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies. The relationship between Ibec & TU Dublin has always been built on such an understanding.

From our perspective, in Ibec Academy, we have seen how education is changing how we learn, what we learn, & why we learn. Learning is being redefined and redeveloped towards collaborative education; with industry and academia working in partnership to provide effective accredited educational experiences. We are delighted to partner with TU Dublin, you, and your organisations, to be part of your journey in making a difference.

We look forward each year to our graduation events, where we see those who have completed their course of study and achieved an accredited Certificate or Diploma award. Many of our graduates are working in industries which simply did not exist 5 – 10 years ago, while others will find themselves working in industries that have yet to be developed.

Within such a dynamic environment, it is imperative that organisations and individuals continue to develop their skill sets through education and training – and to develop their ‘Learning to Learn’ ability as the cornerstone to success.



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